Tech Tinderbox (formerly known as Unicorn Software Solutions) was founded in the year 2007. Our robust methodologies and processes consolidate years of software development and maintenance experience in delivering and supporting enterprise applications and products. Our mature process frameworks effectively reduce risk and unpredictability across the software development life cycle and flexibly integrate with our clients' processes. Our service offering spans key areas, including: Application development, Application maintenance, Application security, QA and Testing, Migration / Transformation, Enterprise IT consulting services, Infrastructure Management, Website Optimization, Data migration, Products and Solutions.

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Our vision is to achieve global IT services leadership in providing value-added high quality IT solutions to our clients in selected horizontal and vertical segments, by combining technology skills, domain expertise, process focus and a commitment to long-term client relationships.

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To achieve great heights of perfection in providing customers and industries with intelligent solutions.

WORK CULTURE @ Techtinderbox

Being with Tinderbox is all about possibilities, growth, learning, teamwork and leading change. There is much more than just technology and software development. It encourages the individuals to think different, challenge the conventional and innovate. People here from diverse cultural and educational backgrounds bring in a wealth of knowledge and experience that gives you an opportunity to learn and expand your horizons.



People are Tinderbox's biggest asset and we encourage innovative and forward-thinking people who have talent and the drive to deliver real business results to customers. Tinderbox believes in people who have the ability to lead change, respect another individual and is determined to excel.


Knowledge Sharing

Our employees evolve professionally and personally in a congenial and collaborative work environment. This enables every employee to imbibe the best knowledge and values of the industry to which we belong.

Fun at techtinderbox

Fun @ techtinderbox

Life at Tinderbox is not restricted to code development and management. We encourage our employees to give full expression to their creative and extra-curricular pursuits. This provides them a break from work to recharge themselves for a bigger chunk of challenges ahead.


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With knowledge and experience, you can be a part of the Tinderbox's team that brings certainty in a customer's business. If you have the zeal to learn, creativity to build, zest to solve challenges, and quest for excellence, Tinderbox is the right place for you.


With over 200 combined years of experience in the management team itself, the Tinderbox team understands how Open Source, ERP& specialised IT Services helps reduce costs, speed development, and simplify administration.

Executive Leadership


Mohammed Aqeel Ahmed


10+ years experience in software development in various technologies.Expertise also include project management & delivery.


Azmath Sharief


Azmath is holidng a 17 Years of experience in the field of software development and maintenance.


Ahmed Sharief


Focused on innovation in consumer products/technologies / marketing services.

Advisory Team

Prashanth Shakhai

Advisory Member

Focused on innovation in consumer products/technologies / marketing services.

Focused on innovation in consumer products/technologies / marketing services.

Focused on innovation in consumer products/technologies / marketing services.

Focused on innovation in consumer products/technologies / marketing services.

Focused on innovation in consumer products/technologies / marketing services.


Tech Tinderbox provides the best solutions for executives to maximize return on their IT investments. Our deep industry knowledge enables us to provide clients with innovative ideas that help them improve productivity and security. We deliver on our commitments, so clients can build strong relationships with their customers, achieve profitable growth and win in the marketplace.

Application Development

Have Feature-Rich Applications Built That Cost You Less To Operate And Maintain. Our Experts Leverage New Technologies, Enhanced Frameworks, And Mature Methodologies To Create Superior Applications

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Application Maintenance

Gain Insight And Better Control Of Your Applications. Have Us Manage And Maintain Them. We Support You And Your Customer Right From The Assessment Services, Solution Design, To Consulting Of Best

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Migration / Transformation / Modernization

Revitalize Your Current Information Technology (IT) Environment So Your Business Operates More Efficiently While Demonstrating The Flexibility Needed To Adapt To A Dynamic Market.

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Application Security

Make Your Applications Secure. Inadequate Security Is One Of The Significant Problems Organizations Are Facing While Deploying Custom And Commercial Software Applications.

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Enterprise IT Consulting

Get IT Consulting Services That Address Aspects Of Reducing Cost, Increasing Agility And Enabling Transformation. Our Consulting Offerings Are Based On An Analytical Approach

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Infrastructure Management

Make Your IT Infrastructure Reliable And Available With Maximum Uptime. With Complex Environments There Is An Increasing Threat Of Security Breaches Too And Managing The Infrastructure With Internal Resources Requires Huge Investment.

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QA & Testing

Ensure Your Business Systems And Applications Function And Perform To Your Expectations While Assuring Security And Quality. Growing Complexity Of Today's Applications, Increase In Competitive Pressure And High Costs Of Application Failure Requires High Quality Testing At Various Stages Of A Application Development Or Maintenance Life Cycle.

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Product Development

Get Access To Innovative, Technology-Driven, Functional, Efficient And Effective Products In Various Industries. Deploy Or Use Products Specifically Visualized, Defined, Designed And Deployed For Industries, Products For A Specific Business Process And Products To Help Your Users Access Your Services.

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Content Management Systems

Leverage Web Content Management Systems To Efficiently Manage Content On A Website Or Intranet Site. As A Website Grows, There Will Be A Need To Minimize The Dependency On Human Resources To Manage The Content. The Speed At Which A Website Reflects The Right Content To The Right People And Enables Them To Post Their Own Comments And Content Defines The Quality Of A Website.

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Tech Tinderbox ADVANTAGE

With Tinderbox, Our customers have an access to our strong background in various technologies, domains, system architecture and project management, in combination with our framework-driven methodology. This enables us to drastically reduce development while ensuring the delivery of a high quality product.

Our experience

We have delivered successful solutions over a wide variety of business environments. In the process, we have acquired an acute sense of what it takes to succeed. We have seen first-hand what works and what does not and have incorporated the benefits of these lessons into our own approach to delivering products and services in today's marketplace. Our experience has clearly indicated what works well and what just doesn't work at all. We have also been able to discern some general principles that have led us to articulate our version of an agile development/delivery methodology.

What makes us good

we have all experienced a wide variety of project-management approaches and methodologies. We understand very well the potential for a communication gap between business people and technical people. Our experience with various methodologies, approaches, and techniques prevents problems and helps us solve those that do arise. We were early practioners of agile approaches and project delivery long before the concept became a buzzword simply because it made sense and it worked. We know there is no substitute for competent, motivated people dedicated to achieving a common, clear goal.

What makes us very good

We have been part of the development of dozens of applications and have implemented dozens more. Having seen a very broad variety of software packages, we have a clear understanding of the need to follow generally accepted interface practices and design standards. We also understand that while business software is essential to every business, good software conforms to your business processes rather than asking you to adapt to it.


In all our activities we constantly conduct ourselves respectfully to promote our common goals. We are committed to these values and truly believe that if we adopt and implement them, we will lead the company to success in the future and derive self-achievement in doing so. The corporate culture of Tech Tinderbox, and therefore, our employees performance is based on the following values:


Our Customers

We are dedicated to create value for our customers worldwide by developing and providing technologically advanced solutions and services. We build lasting relationships by listening, understanding, anticipating and meeting our customers needs. We are easy to do business with and always strive to be responsive, professional and to meet our commitments to our customers.



We constantly strive to redefine the standard of excellence in everything we do. We are open to ideas that challenge the convention, seek diversity of views and take calculated risks. We encourage individuals and teams to constantly search for innovative and creative business and technological solutions.


Respect for the Individual

We treat others with respect and dignity, appreciating individual, cultural and national diversity. We seek to learn and listen to one another attentively and compassionately and communicate often and openly. We encourage individuals to express their views, use their talent to the fullest and recognize their achievements.



We are committed to conducting ourselves with the highest standards of integrity. We are honest, ethical and fair in all our activities. We keep our word, deliver on our promises and acknowledge our mistakes. Our personal and business conduct ensures that Tech Tinderbox is a company worthy of trust.


To satisfy Customers by ensuring that the products and services provided meet or exceed customer requirements and expectations.

At Tinderbox, Quality is a way of life

Quality is essential to the success of any business. For us Quality is not just about implementing a system or working towards a set standards, it is an attitude, a culture, a way of working, which not only improves businesses but the way people work and live. Our focus is always to deliver the best in-class, defect-free solutions and services to the customer as per their requirements and expectations, thereby enhancing the customer satisfaction indices, which in turn will enhance business and revenues.

At Tinderbox, Quality is a culture

At Tinderbox, quality is a culture, expressed in the way we interact with and cater to the needs of customers, and in the products and processes we deliver to them.

At Tinderbox, Quality is a continuous journey

At Tinderbox, Quality is a continuous journey, which illustrates the commitment to improve processes and to deliver products and services of the highest order. It is reflected in the Company's emphasis in making every Associate, a part of the Quality processes and methodologies.