app store optimization

App Store Optimization

Tech TinderBox App store optimization(ASO) services are known for improving the visibility of  your mobile applications in the App stores such as Google Play Store, App Store, Blackberry World etc. As Search Engine Optimization (SEO) improves visibility of a website in search engines, App  Store Optimization(ASO) improves visibility of a mobile app in app store.

Tech TinderBox approach to ASO

Our experts at Tech TinderBox, makes assures that your mobile app meets app store ranking requirements and optimize it so that it ranks higher in an app store’s search results.

Higher the position of mobile app in an app store’s search result, it is the more likely to be visible to potential customers.

ASO Process


It is recommended that the keyword selected in the title of mobile app, must begin with highly searched term. Research is done to determine the relevant keyword. In a recent survey performed on top 25 ranking positions, it was discovered that mobile apps with relevant keyword in their title , ranked higher 10.3% on an average compared to apps without a title keyword.


To enhance your mobile app’s ranking in an app store, it is important to be familiar with keywords that are relevant and often searched by target audience. At Tech Tinderbox, we carry out proper keyword research for your mobile app.

Performance Optimzation and Reporting

During App store optimization process, we monitor the mobile app’s ranking in an app store. We optimize it if necessary to yield desired results in app store. We submit reports to our client to show them results achieved.