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Tech Tinderbox is one of the leading AI services company. We develop next-generation AI solutions that aids companies transform their businesses.With more than 12 years’ experience in developing digital solutions, we develop AI solutions that enhances the productivity of business. Our AI expert team redefines the way businesses operated.

Our AI development services

Machine Learning Integration

Our AI experts design &develop ML models which helps for solving Classification problem based on the class of input, Clustering problem based on separating data into groups, Regression problem based on predicting a values, Model selection and Pre-processing.

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Business Intelligence

Our AI experts build strategies to optimize processes, data analysis, forecasting and performance analysis.

Creative Design

Natural Language Processing

We develop Voice enabled applications

Responsive Web Design

Computer Vision

We develop solutions for object recognition and image processing.

Quality Assurance & Testing

Chatbot Development

Our Chatbot solutions can be used to interact with customers like human beings do, applications include ecommerce, insurance sectors etc.

Our various AI-enabled solutions

Smiley faceFacial Recognition Solution

Smiley face Attendance Recording Solution

Smiley face Number Plate Recognition

Smiley faceRetail Analytics Solution

Smiley faceTraffic Management Solution

Smiley faceParking Management Solution

Smiley faceVideo Analytics Solution

Smiley faceChild Safety while boarding school bus

Smiley faceChatbot Solution

We implemented Machine Learning models and Artificial Intelligence Solutions in various sectors like Government, Corporates, Retail, Transportation, Insurance, School and Education.

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